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So i just took over the mac environment at a new company. the last guy left before I started and there was virtually no turnover. Im going through all of the policies and configurations, but I'm seeing some of the policies as scripts, but with no scr...
Is there a way to allow non managed macs to access certain corporate applications such as email access and certain shared network files and folders?
We just switched over to Jamf PRO enterprise and I'm trying to figure out a better way to count my users so i dont have to go line by line. Has anyone looked at this yet?
Happy Monday morning all, With JNUC starting tomorrow, I was wondering of there are any other Marines that have transitioned out of the Corps into Jamf admins? if so, let me know, I created a braindate for jamf so we can shoot the proverbial bull 1 d...
Hey there fellow Jamf'ers! 2 days ago, several of my macs started having this issue. the users are downloading a folder from onedrive, the folder is being zipped without prompting. once the folder is downloaded, the file then CANT be opened as it sho...