USB-C hubs Mac & iPad Pro

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What usb-c hubs would people recommend, that could be used with Macbook pros and ipad pros.

Looking for ones with vga, hdmi and ethernet.

A few of the ones i've seen out there look like they're going to fall apart as soon as you plug them in.

Would be good to see what the rest of the community are using



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These are the three that our district is currently using for the new Macbook pros and iPad pros with USB-c.

USB-C Multiport Adapter -
USB-C Multiport Adapter #2 -
Docking Station -


We use multi-port adapters from Tripp Lite. Not totally sold on the build quality. For instance, the adapters have a USB-C passthrough that accommodates power, but a number of times, the Ethernet connection connection will stop working if power is running through the USB-C port. I suspect the adapter is probably overheating, although the company will never admit it.

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How much do you pay for the Tripp Lite's?
We use Pioneer APS-DKMT01 ( which we usually get from Amazon for around £36 each.

Requires a driver to get the proper network speed but accomodates most things.

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Though the rollout of USB-C devices is still pretty limited here, the Monoprice Mobile Series USB-C port replicator, part 33571, has been well received by those issued them, has the ports you mentions, and it works with the current iPad Pro.

Ars Technica recently had an article on USB-C and Thunderbolt hubs and docks.


@tjhall, depending on the video connection, the adpters are about $50-60 each.

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I’m thinking you will have better luck getting a quality built c-hub without the vga but everything else, since it is such an old technology and just get a dongle to convert down. Better yet if at all possible there are plenty of ways to airplay and avoid the vga, just a thought since you didn’t specify the intended application.

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@jshamp I've found the same, unfortunately VGA is a requirement as some client offices are end users have to visit are still stuck in the past with VGA.

Thanks for the help, everyone. Will let you know what we end up going with