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I am investigating replacing deploy studio with casper, the majority of the desktop estate netboots deploy studio without issue apart from one area that has static ip's and no dhcp to work with a media asset system.

Currently I use deploy studio's create a netboot set to an external HD and add a script that check's the mac address and sets the static ip allowing the system to login deploy studio and run workflows, has anyone done anything similar with casper to allow central deployment on ip ranges that can not netboot.

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@howarth AutoCasperNBI has an option to create a Restorable DMG for this very need.

So with AutoCasperNBI you can create both the NBI as well as a DMG for restoring to USB media to boot Macs from.

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You can run Casper Imaging from Mac OS X. If you have a bootable drive you use for diagnostics (that boots Mac OS X), you can just put Casper Imaging on that.

You can also use AutoDMG and AutoCasperNBI to create a bootable disk image designed specifically for Casper Imaging. There's an option to create a disk image that can be restored to a USB drive.

[SanDisk Cruzer Extreme]( flash drives (amazon link) are great for making portable, bootable diagnostic drives. They're a good price, yet fast enough to use as a boot drive.

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AutoDMG and AutoCasperNBI are definitely the way to go!

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hey guys - what is the key cmds to boot from usb

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Hold down Alt on boot