Use Configurator 2 and Automator to name iPads before enrollment.

New Contributor

We are trying to name new iPads based on a barcode label from the Media Center. We use Bretford carts that report what slot (port) the iPad is connected to back to Configurator 2. We load the cart from lowest barcode to highest in order. We would like to name the iPads consecutively based on port number.

For example:
Cart# - Barcode#
iPad in Port 1 would be named Cart1-6051 iPad in Port 2 would be named Cart1-6052
iPad in Port 3 would be named Cart1-6053

When we use the rename function in Configurator it assigns a name to a random port. We though to use Automator, but don't see an option for sorting devices based on the port number. It will also randomly(?) assign a name to a device. Is there a way to scrip this? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!