User Cert Disappearing after Upgrading to Catalina

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Hey All. I am having a strange issue with my devices. After upgrading some of my users to Catalina, there user certificates will be wiped get wiped from the machine after a reboot, or putting the device to sleep. It wipes out anything that is in the login/My Certificates section. We have to have our end users pull down a new certificate. We use these certificates for Wifi connection, and for VPN connections. If the user is still on Mojave, they have no issues at all. Has anyone else seen this issue by chance? I have open support cases with both Jamf, and with Apple. We did take note that after unenrolling a device from Jamf, the issue stopped happening. I just don't know what could be causing Jamf's software to erase that particular location.


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Yep, same issue here...

Certs all there after quick-add, installing packages. Everything is fine and then a reboot wipes them out.

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I'd check for a login_renamed keychain to make sure that it's not a keychain issue.