User-Initiated Enrolment URL Error

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Hi all,

Our personalised version of doesn't seem to be reliable - in short, it sometimes works on some machines (apparently at random).

In Safari, the page starts loading but stalls fairly early on and eventually throws the error below (i've starred our instance name).

Safari Can't Open the Page
Safari can't open the page "******" because the server where this page is located isn't responding.

I've tried rebooting, clearing all website data, using standard and private windows, and also in Firefox, but if a particular machine doesn't want to connect then nothing seems to work. Any thoughts?..

Thank you!


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We're experiencing the same problem with Safari and Firefox, however, Chrome browsers tend to access it normally. 

Any thoughts?

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Thanks Daniel. I'm almost certain I tried Chrome too but I can't remember for sure. Next time I have the problem, I'll report back.