User Level Config Profile and DEP

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How do I get User Level config profiles to install on a DEP machine?

System Level config profiles install just fine. The only way i can get ULCP to install is running sudo jamf mdm -UserLevelMdm but when i do that, MDM "breaks" saying it requires DEP enrollment.


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User Level Config profiles require your machine be bound to AD.

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@rderewianko That or your user has to have an Apple ID signed into the App Store or iTunes I think.

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I was having lots of issues with the ULCP's with DEP when we went to 10.13.2. Ultimately, in our prestage Jamf support asked us to uncheck "Allow MDM profile removal."
That seems to solve the problem. Are you seeing that the MDM profile is not approved in profiles after the enrollment?

We are bound also.

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@LovelessinSEA We are also currently bound but will be moving away from that later this year. I currently have "Allow MDM Profile removal" checked. and I've made sure to go in and approve the MDM Profile. I will see what happens when I uncheck that box.