User Migration

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Further to my post a couple of months ago;

I've been playing around with PackageMaker (you'll find it in "Auxiliary Tools for Xcode - Feb 2012.dmg" on the developer site) and I wanted to share something i've tied together.

It's possible to script the tar up a user profile, the capture the UID/GID, the creation of an installer.pkg, and the insertion a postflight into the pkg. All the postflight will do is untar the user profile then chown it based on the UID and GID you captured once you run the installer.pkg.

This means that; you can have a user run a Self Service policy to capture their own user profile for you at their convenience, deploy a user profile as part of a custom configuration, and it allows people that aren't overly familiar with Macs to "next-next-next" install a user profile.

I'm not sure it gets any easier than a username.pkg to install username's profile on to a new machine!



I just stumbled on this. Interesting approach, roll the user data up in a pkg. Pretty cool.