User Policy Scope

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I'm trying to scope a policy to run on re-occurring check in for specific users. I know this can be done via self service, but am not seeing an option to deploy something in the background. Has anyone done this before.?


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You can only scope policies to users (under the Limitations tab within Scope) when items like "Login" "Logout" and "Self Service" are chosen as one of the triggers. Just using the Recurring Check-in trigger won't let you choose users to target it to.
You can have both Recurring check-in and something like "Login" checked in the policy, but I don't know how that actually behaves. It may just use the full computer scope for the recurring check-in trigger and not respect the user Limitations section. I haven't tested that, so I just don't know.

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It does still seem to respect the limitations, however recurring triggers are not run in quite the same context of the currently logged in user (presumably as they are not called by the launchagent like the login trigger is) so scripts behave slightly differently when called by the two triggers.
Found this experimenting with having something occur for the user on login and then be refreshed on the recurring trigger, the login event always worked, but the recurring trigger was missing access or configuration of some description as it failed on the some user related events.