Using a Local OS X Server In a Clustered Setup for Netboot and Imaging

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Here is my current or soon to be current Production setup. A Linux VM Web Server in our internal VPC. The Database is also on that internal VPC on a separate MySQL Server. Building out an instance of the Web Server in the DMZ and then I am going to enable clustering.
I have a local OS X server acting as the JSS running on my LAN. It currently serves as my Sandbox environment. But it is also my local NetBoot Server for imaging. When imaging computers with this server, obviously they are then managed by this server. How do I configure this OS X JSS to image clients with the pertinent info for the Production JSS. Can I add this system as another clustered instance?


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Your Netboot server doesn't have to be the JSS. Mine is a totally separate box thats not even managed. If you are using Casper Imaging, any machines imaged from the Casper Imaging application will be managed by the JSS that you log into when you launch the application, not the local machine. If you need to update your NetBoot set, you can follow the instructions in to update the application and the plist that Casper Imaging looks at for JSS info.