Using Active Home Folder on Mac OS

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I've been tasked with adding 16 new Apple MacBooks to our Windows network. I've managed to clone all 16 and bind them to Active directory but I am having an issue when pupils logon to them and want to access their home folder on the server.

Each pupil account in AD has it set to map a U: drive to servernameshare$YOEusername and this works fine on Windows devices, the U: drive is presented (YOE - Year Of Entry, represents the year the pupil joined the College).

However on the Mac OS it does show a link within Finder, but it does not point directly to the pupils home folder. It displays 'servername' in Finder, then when clicked the share$ folder is displayed, then all the YOE folders, then all the individual pupil folders. So each pupil has to navigate through 4 folders to get to the root of their home folder.

Can anyone please recommend a better way of achieving this? Ideally when a pupil logs onto a MacBook a drive letter would be presented, taking the user directly to their home folder (which then contains Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos etc...).

I'd be most grateful for your advice.

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Rather than use the built-in functionality of the AD plugin, we base our staff solution on this.

And for our student labs this thread was really useful.