Using Apple Caching Server with multiple VLANs

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Is there a way to configure Apple Caching Servers to work with multiple interfaces or VLANs? For example, we have a Data VLAN and a Guest VLAN. The data network is used for all internal connections. The guest network is just as it sounds and would be used for BYOD (bring your own device) to our network. I want to be able to have our Caching Servers serve clients on both the data VLAN (defaults to en0) and the Guest VLAN (setup for vlan0).

Currently we have our DNS TXT record configured appropriately. The Apple Caching Servers are configured to use the correct public facing IP address as well.

I found this page that talks about this: Using Apple Caching Server with VLANs

However it seems like Apple only allows only one interface to be used. So I can use either one VLAN or the other but not both.

Is anyone aware of a way to configure this to work?