Using Recon.exe "Failed to submit data to the JSS"

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I'm trying again to enroll a Windows 10 computer using Recon.exe. All runs smooth until the end, when I get a message:

Failed to submit manual data to the JSS. Server response:

no additional info.

Any suggestions?


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I'm seeing the same on our end. We are using 9.81, I'm going to try and upgrade to the latest version and run the updated recon app. About halfway through our recons, windows states that jamf has stopped working and finally recon displays the "Failed to submit data to the JSS" message.

Edit: Upgraded JSS to 9.1 and am still unable to run recon.exe without the error message. We have a few extension attributes that I might try to disable to see if I can narrow down the list of possible points of failure.

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Any Updates on this issue?

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Having the same issue here...

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I forgot how to obtain the RECON.exe . how do i get it ?

i have 9.81 but forgot how i got it.

i heard that recon.exe will be stopped, so now windows computer will not be able to be added to inventory any longer

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Hey all,

Support for Recon.exe came to an end on December 31, 2017 and we stopped distributing it with version 9.100.

We do not offer Recon.exe any longer for download as support for the product has ended.

If you have questions about what's currently recommended for Windows inventory, please contact Support.

Were Wulff
Jamf Customer Experience

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@were.wulff is that why my current version of recon.exe no longer works in adding a windows computer to inventory?
It was working a few weeks ago