Valid fields when using the JSS API

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When using the JSS API, I find that I am unable to set certain fields, however there is no error. For example, when attempting to add or update a computer, I am not able to set Processor Type, Processor Architecture, Storage Information, or Local Accounts. Other fields seem to work fine. Does anyone know which are supposed to work or if there is some kind of validation my input could be failing?

When I run curl -v -u <credentials> "https://<ourjss>/JSSResource/computers/name/<somecomputer>" -T inputfile.xml -X PUT
as suggested in the docs, I receive a 201 status code as if all is well, most fields update, but the few mentioned do not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Meinwald


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I would think those are fields that are only populate-able by the jamf binary doing an inventory scan.

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