Verdiem Surveyor, Anyone?


As part of a green initiative, My company has asked me to take a look at a product called Verdiem Surveyor, which handles power management across all devices in an enterprise.

I had not heard of them before, but they do have a Mac client, and they integrate with SCCM on the Windows side, and i was wondering if anyone here had encountered them before, and if you had, what your take is on how well it plays with Casper.

I can do quite a bit of what this product does thru Casper and Profiles. But they are looking to check this out, and figured i'd ask.

my searches came up with alot of education customers, but not many enterprise companies.

thanks in advance. --M


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We just did this. Verdiem and Macs are useless together. For the PC's its amazing! In order to do the WLAN features Verdiem actually tells you to add Airport Extreme base stations!!!!! Not happening in an enterprise!


Thanks for the advice! Anyone else?

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Hey guys, full disclosure, I work for Verdiem and am in the support group. I saw this post and wanted to clear up some misinformation. We do not require Airport Extreme's to run our Wake. We actually have a proprietary proxying system that will allow you to do WOL without any additional network configuration. It works the same on the PC and the Mac. We would be happy to provide you with some temporary licences so you can try it out for yourself.

Barclay Bicksler
Verdiem Corp.