VMWare Fusion 7 Pro

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With all the hubbub about linked clones, quite the endorsement, I'm starting to drool!!!


[14:58:24 UTC] Nick_ZWG: I'd take my linked clones out to dinner if I could [14:58:45 UTC] bugggg: wow, i really need to look into those [14:59:03 UTC] rtrouton: Linked clones are the shizzle.

I wonder how many people are deploying this in enterprise?


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Yeah they had them in last year's version too. We don't use them with end users much but where I like to use them is when I have local OS X VMs that I am not hosting on ESXi I tend to have one base VM for each version of OS X, and then when I need to I can just instantly spin up 5 VMs all at once to test variations, etc. Very useful when testing and saves lots of space and time.