VMWare Horizon Client Deployment

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Has anyone packaged and deployed the new client (5.4.3-16499473) to their Macs? I'm having some issues with the USB Services not being started. What I had done on previous versions is now not working. I'm deploying it to non-admin macs so they don't have the ability to install anything afterwards.


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Hello @nnewport I too have seen this. We deployed this version earlier in the week to our existing fleet. We don't have a lot of Mac people using it now that we opened up our VPN to all employees. Googling around a bit, I found some "related" items, but not specific to the starting of the USB services. I see if someone else has a solution.

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on another note, does anyone know how to preserve user setting on upgrade? {Catalina}

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Did anyone figure out a solution to this issue? I too am having issues with USB services starting reliably - this time with 5.5.2.