VNC remote access from Mac to Mac without username



I've been trying to find any relevant info online regarding this but surprisingly without any luck.

If we enable VNC viewer may control screen with password: in the System Preferences > Sharing > Remote Management > Computer Settings..., strangely we can use a VNC viewer on Windows machine to connect to that Mac with only that password. But using vnc://IP on another Mac machine always requires username to connect to the hosting Mac.

What is the easiest way to use Mac to vnc into another Mac with only the configured password or is enabling remote management and connecting through screen sharing app the only way between Macs, which obviously is not supporting Windows without spending some money on 3rd party client software?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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I do it a slightly different way. System Preferences > Sharing > Remote Management > Allow access for > Only these users
I then add the users I want to allow remote access. This can be scripted.

Then if I'm accessing from Windows I use the free VNC Viewer from RealVNC which allows me to connect using Username/Password.

I'm normally using Apple Remote Desktop but Screen Sharing will also work from a Mac to another Mac and prompt for a Username/Password pair. So Finder > Go > Connect to Server > vnc://your_machine_ip

If this is your IT staff - Jamf Remote has this capability