VPN Repair

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I have an issue with 10.9 and 10.10 machines where VPN settings disappear for no apparent reason (my guess is its a software update...).
Users don't notice the issue until they're out of the office after hours trying to remote in and they dont have access to the settings to change them.
I tried adding an OS X Configuration Profile to repair the VPN yet instead of replacing the existing VPN Profile with the same name, its adds another "VPN Profile 1".
Is there a way to repair a VPN profile if settings go missing?


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Phrasing... How would you fix this issue?

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I've never had a VPN disappear. If your users aren't admin, It sounds like you may have some rogue script or something else that will be doing the removal. I'm going to suggest it isn't a software update, since we have never seen this.

Do you have any kind of network setup that may be re-building the network preferences which doesn't include the VPN?

You may wish to find the root cause, instead of trying to continually re-build it after it is lost.

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We have a very generic network setup and the symptom is that only the shared secret disappears in Cisco IPSec. It is seemingly very random with maybe 1 or 2 users having the issue per year.

Unfortunately these users are generally VIPs. I guess I'll try and research cause again... Can't hurt.

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This is happening to us. We install VPN profiles and they disappear after a while.