VPP Account per School?

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Hey all,

How do you handle your VPP accounts for multiple sites? We are thinking we might create a managed AppleID VPP account for each school via Apple School Manager. That way we can keep the funds and number of licenses purchased for each school separated, making them easier to track and assign.

Any caveats to this? Good experiences, bad experiences? Insight?

Thanks all!


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I am looking into this myself for a ten campus university system. Currently I am looking at using Apple school manager to have a different campus level account that is managed to pull the apps into JAMF, then using sites, connect the token to each of the sites. This will enable site admins to deploy apps to the smart group 'all managed devices in [site]' rather than having to make and manage other smart groups. Some departments have requested their own individual account as well, so it is more a mixed situation. It just means I have more tokens I need to keep track of and manage. But the benefit is that the department can manage their own apps and funds and leave IT out of it.

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We have multiple VPP accounts. It works just fine. You just need a clear system for who purchases and monitors the money in the account.