VPP and Fiscal (department requests and budgeting) Challenges

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We have had a challenge regarding VPP.

The IT department has $ in the VPP account in our JAMF PRO instance, BUT, when a department requests a paid app, we have a challenge on how to bill or handle the fiscal end of things. Every department has their own budget (higher ed).

Ideally, we would like them to purchase a budgeted amount of $ per year for them to use as a department. Ideally also, that would be in a separate VPP account to scope from. This way, we can purchase the apps from their accounts and deploy apps to the department devices. We can also report back if they have exceeded their funds and need to fund their VPP account.

I know that I must not be alone in this and there has got to be solution.

We use Apple School Manager

Any insight would be appreciated :)


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This method requires quite a bit of manual intervention, but it is what I do in K-12. I don't think it is exactly what you are looking for, but thought it would be helpful to write up for you anyway.

Provide each department with their own VPP / MAID for purchasing apps, so they can have their separate purchasing ability. They will notify you once they have made a purchase. They all should have their own Location so the app would then belong to that location.

Log into ASM with the MAID that is also the VPP account for your Jamf Pro instance. It should have the ability to see all locations. You can then Transfer the licenses from the purchasing location to your Jamf location. Jamf Pro will then see the licenses and the app can be scoped to the department's devices.

I confess I do not know how to scope if you have Sites - we don't use them.

Hope this helps,