VPP and MAC App store apps

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Just tested VPP device assignment with 9.82 and works quite nicely, yet I am running into a roadblock which someone may have an idea to work around.

We run a proxy on our staff network which blocks the App store, although this is ideal as I dont want staff downloading 2gb worth of app updates on the staff network causing bandwidth congestion, I wonder if it possible to bypass the proxy server form the JSS somehow so that staff can still download Mac apps from self service, the work around I have in place is not ideal atm, it requires me to package the app manually then deploy it using a policy. The big issue with this is when these apps need updating, I need to manually repackage them all again.

I belive that 9.82 keeps all apps upto date automatically which would be nice if I can somehow bypass the staff proxy, I dont have access to the proxy to allow the app store through-not wanting to do this anyway. so I wonder if anyone know there is a way to do this locally.


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We have set up a caching server for all Apple apps / updates / App store apps, it takes the first update someone does and caches it so anyone who does it after that doesn't need to use the internet. You can push out a policy that sets their software update server to a local server, so the only computer that you should need to have access to the app store with is the update server.

In theory, the MDM should only tell the computer what to update, and then the computer should look to the custom assigned software update server for where to get it.

I may be horribly wrong, but it sounds like its something you should look into - hopefully this guides you in the right direction for what you're after.

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We have an internal netSUS for software updates, yet this doesnt cover app updates, might need to look at a OSX caching server, which I believe does IOS apps aswell