VPP apps show as 'No Name', still in App Store?

New Contributor II

I just got signed up for VPP and "purchased" 10 copies of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. I also bought some licenses for iAnnotate. When I go to my JSS, it shows the proper number of licenses but it doesn't populate the name of the apps, it just shows up as 'No name' with the Adam ID information. Also, I cannot manually add apps by searching for them through the JSS. No matter what app I search for it comes back as "no apps found".

So it appears that my JSS is having issues connecting to the app store to be able to populate that information. Without the app information populated I cannot distribute these apps.

My JSS is not behind a proxy. On the server itself I can launch the Mac app store and look up iOS apps through iTunes without issue. Does the JSS connect to the app store in a different way? What am I missing?