VPP Mac Application not populating on one computer...

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We have an issue here. Our VPP is set up by to assigning hardware here to a static group for a particular application (if used by many). For the one off pieces of software, scope the computer to the software. As a whole, it has been working well. The application installs after being assigned.

Presently there is one computer that no matter what we've done so far, doesn't receive a particular piece of software. We've gone through several instances of assign, run recon, see that the computer record changes, but still, the application does not install. (along with the removal process)

Does anyone have a trick to get beyond this? Done all the usual, including zapping the pram.


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Hi @Lhsachs,

PRAM...hmm...have you try Conflict Catcher? 🤔

Was there an MDM capable logged in user when you troubleshot?


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Among the steps taken: unenroll, re-enroll, and yes there was a MDM capable user when these were done. Way back when this started - the user was logged into his appleID - we had him log out before one of the breaking of mdm and recreating..... and unenrolling and re-enrolling...