VPP to ASM - Process


Hey folks.

Extremely late to the party, but just getting around to doing the VPP to ASM transfer for all our accounts (2020 was a long year). Our setup was thus:

  • One Location
  • One legacy VPP account created outside ASM
  • Three other VPP accounts created inside ASM

Thus far I have done the following:
- Invite the legacy VPP account into ASM, log in, automatic license transfer happens
- Logged in to ASM with the other three VPP accounts, automatic license transfer happens

So now, I have a button to click to 'transfer licenses' on the core purchasing VPP account in ASM (149 licenses remaining to come across). I assume when I do this the licenses will no longer be available on the VPP token I have uploaded in Jamf?

At that stage, do I download the server token for the core account and upload this to the VPP account in Jamf in the same manner I normally would?

Do I also need to upload the server token for the other VPP accounts, or, as the main purchasing account should be linked to everything at that stage, do I just leave them as they are?

I did try uploading the new server token briefly with one of the lesser-used VPP accounts and I could see the 'available' licenses in Jamf then seemed to cover everything we now had in ASM, but the 'in-use' license count was zero on all of the apps, which was concerning. I didn't want anything live to suddenly be revoked, so I then reverted the token for that account in Jamf to the 'legacy VPP token' downloaded for that account from ASM. That reverted the 'in-use' counts back to their previous values.

I'm a bit puzzled as to how all this is best processed from here. Any tips from anybody that's gone through a similar process?