VPP Token upload failed (Unable to handle file upload)

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When I try to upload a VPP token to Jamf Pro (On Premise, Version 10.43) I receive an error message "Unable to handle file upload". I downloaded the VPP token again and tried to upload using Safari, Chrome and even Edge with Windows 11. Every time I get the same message. The log only shows the same error.

Has anyone encountered the same problem and has a solution to this issue?


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I ran into this as well.To resolve it I needed to do the following

  1. Renew the Device Enrollment Server Token : https://www.jamf.com/resources/videos/renewing-a-device-enrollment-program-dep-token-in-jamf-pro/
  2. Download a new VPP token and upload the token. I needed to use a private window in my web browser.

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It seems, this is a known issue with Jamf. Renewing the DEP Token was not needed.

We managed to upload the VPP token on the "Jamf Pro" layer and assign it to the Site.