VPP User assingnments

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So I'm trying to install a purchased app for one user on multiple devices.

Process I went through so far.

-Purchase a paid app in VPP
-I assigned it to a user, I configured the VPP assignments and invitation to the user, I was hoping to have the user install the app on two of their devices
-It installed fine on one device, the other devices shows pending- application is not available to install. This tells me there are not enough licenses to install at least I think that's what that means.

When I talked my Apple rep he ensures me that if you assign the app to a user they can install it up to 5 devices.

Am I missing something? Is this even possible to have one purchased app installed for one user on multiple devices?

Thanks for your time I appreciate any feedback.


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If you have the app in your app Catalog be sure it doesn't have VPP -> 'Assign VPP Content' checked, which will make the license for the app be applied to the device.