Wacom PPPC profiles in 2023

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So in a lab setting where students share computers is there a way to automatically allow Wacom tablets in 2023?

Not sure why this is so difficult. Is allowing it and getting the user to approve the only way? Really annoying that when the user signs in the Wacom utility pops up and wants interaction. 

We are new to JAMF and this is one of the main reasons we got it so that we don't have to manually install it on hundreds of Macs.

Any insight is appreciated. Did a search here but those threads are not much help.



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It's been a while, but how I did our Wacom deployment was:

1. Create Wacom Push + Self Service policy that includes a jamf recon command at the end

2. Create Wacom PPPC config profile that gives Accessibility / ListenEvent / SystemPolicyAllFiles / etc permissions for com.wacom.TabletDriver, com.wacom.FirmwareUpdater, etc.

3. Create Smart Group 'Has Wacom Driver Installed' 

4. Scope PPPC config profile to the above smart group.

So in practice, you push the driver .pkg to a lab (or an individual installs it from self service) - it does a recon after installing which pops the computer into the smart group. Their computer being moved into that smart group kicks off the config profile getting installed to them. So ultimately, they never even get a 'Wacom needs you to allow access to...' pop-up. 

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Thanks for this will give it to the systems and report back.