WalkMe Chrome extension

New Contributor II

Hello.  I'm attempting to deploy two Chrome extensions - WalkMe and Textio.  WalkMe has supplied their profile to upload to Jamf, but if I add the Textio Chrome extension according to  Talking Moose's recommendation, WalkMe will fail to load.  My understanding is that deploying Chrome extensions via profile with Jamf requires that all extensions be contained in one profile (I attempted using separate profiles for each extension and only one extension, the first profile to deploy, will load).  I am able to successfully deploy multiple Chrome extensions in one profile that does not include WalkMe, but any combination of the vendor-supplied WalkMe Chrome extension profile, and any other Chrome extension, will result in a WalkMe failing to load.  Has anyone successfully deployed the vendor-supplied WalkMe profile after adding a second extension to that same profile?  Thanks for your help with this one.