Way to see who manually enrolled device?


Does anyone know if there's a way with Jamf to capture, or view, who enrolled a device via the user initiated web portal (https:jamfserver.com/enroll)? My Jamf instance has SSO enabled, so manually enrolling a device requires a company login, so I'd love to be able to view what user initiated an enrollment of a device. 

If I look at Jamf's change management log, that info doesn't seem to be captured -  only the name of device, the device ID, and the site it was enrolled in are captured there. I also briefly looked at the Jamf Pro server logs and a machine enrolled ~90 minutes ago doesn't show up in the logs by name, serial, or ID#. There isn't anything in the computer record in Jamf, that I can see, that stores this info either - the MDM Capable User is just the first user account created on the machine, not necessarily the person who enrolled it; and when enrolling devices a person can assign the machine to an alterative user, so the user set in Jamf isn't necessarily who enrolled it. 

Anyone have any suggestions?


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Lots of feature requests around this one. Watching to see if someone has a solution!

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Bump - Did you get anywhere with this? Thanks.

Unfortunately no. There's a feature request (from 2016) about this that you can upvote: https://ideas.jamf.com/ideas/JN-I-19857

If anyone else has an idea, I'd still be interested.