web browser default settings

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I was messing with some MCX settings for setting the homepage/start settings for chrome, firefox and safari.

But I wasnt able to get it to work correctly.....so I went with plan 2.

Create a DMG package via composer with the settings I wanted -- This worked 99% of the way. however Now I'm getting key chain issues @ login, as well as every time I start any of the browsers.....this is worse than having htem set to the defaults imo.

Did I miss something when creating these packages? Any one have any insight for me with this process?



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Hi @Krytos Did you check permissions for the app prior to dmg build?, also are you using fet/fut. i have used this method for the past 4 yrs with no issue. I reset Firefox to make sure none of my info was present, added settings including bookmarks to our sites, built dmg. Lastly what version of JSS are you using


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I did use fet and fut -- but I didnt do anything to change permissions. what should they be set to?

Chrome had A LOT of files in its package -- where the others didnt.

we're on JSS 9.91 I believe

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oh, I should also note that the package im trying to create is not a full install of chrome and settings -- chrome is already installed, so im trying to simply create the package of the homepage/first run options.

Maybe thats where Im going wrong?

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I double checked all my packages, and cant find any that are changing the keychain stuff -- but I found this old post from @Look

"I fixed an issue with new user Keychains simply by adding the empty folder:
/System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/Library/Keychains"

This fixed my issue so i'll leave it at that!