Web interface exits current screen back to dashboard randomly


I have a strange issue with the jamf web interface in our cloud-based instance. When I search for computers or mobile devices, the search results are shown for a short amount of time, between 1 and 5 seconds, before exiting back to the dashboard. This also happens on other screens. Sometimes I'll be editing a policy or other object and get a "Are you sure you want to leave" prompt, even though my hands are not even on the keyboard or mouse.


This problem started months ago, and it was initially worse in Chrome (which is basically unusably slow anyway), but now is just as prevalent in Safari.


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Our servers are on-prem and this happens to us from time to time. 


This started happening with me on our cloud instance a week ago. Sometimes I could do a search in incognito and it would be fine, other times copying and pasting would work. It was very odd. It happened for a few days but I haven't seen it since then. I couldn't figure out what was happening or why.