What are some reasons/possibilities that a client cannot contact a JSS?

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This is perplexing and I'm just trying to come up with a reason/possibility and potential workarounds.

I have a computer that was imaged and when it booted up none of the policies that it needed to run during the first boot (black Casper screen/desktop) ran. The reason was because of this message:
Connection failure: "The host casper.vsapartners.com is not accessible."

The computer couldn't reach the JSS but then it could after a reboot. This was quite perplexing.

So I'm left wondering, how can that happen? What are some reasons/possibilities that could cause this?

And if this were to happen, is there a way to force the client/computer to connect to the JSS?

For the sake of this discussion, let's eliminate any physical issue with the connection and assume the computer is physically plugged in via Ethernet. I know this could just be a 1 time fluke, but its eating me up.

Since it's the weekend, I don't know that I'll get much discussion, but if I don't I'll bump this up next week. Thanks for reading.


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Were you using a thunderbolt to Ethernet adaptor?

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Yes. But the first part of my first boot script is "networksetup -detectnewhardware". Just to play it safe after reading other people's experience with sometimes certain network devices not being picked up.

This was a MacBook Air 2015 if it makes any difference.