What are you tossing? - iPad Replacement Cycle

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Hey folks.

I just wanted to toss the question out there and see what you kind folks are doing for you replacement cycle this year. We have already gotten rid of everything Air 2 and below.

We are planning on getting rid of some first gen 9.7 Pros and some 5th gen iPads but both are going to get the new iOS and particularly the 5th gens are only 3 years old but the 4-year-old Pros are technically still faster than the 5th gens. Just curious what people are doing out there!

Zach Harvest
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We will be getting rid of our Air 2s starting in June. In September we got rid of Air's.

Kimberly Trojanowski

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We need to get rid of about ~30 iPad mini first gen's, but aside from that nothing for this year.

Not getting rid of quite yet but I am running low on Air 2's because the screen replacement costs are crazy high compared to 5-6th gen's. They're certainly easy(ier) to repair, but when I can repair the glass on a 5th gen for the price of a couple Starbucks coffee's the ease of repairability goes out the window.

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Look at Rich Uncle Pennybags over here, we still have iPad 2s in classrooms.

All of our 1:1 kids are on Air 2s or better though.