What's New on Jamf Nation - Spring 2018

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Hello Jamf Nation!

It was suggested that we do more to highlight function and feature changes to Jamf Nation, so I’ll be posting roughly once a month with an update on what’s new in Jamf Nation. We’ve done a lot already this year that I’d like to share, which makes this update unusually long. Future posts will be shorter.

  • Unsubscribe! -- You now have the ability to unsubscribe from specific Discussions and Feature Requests. -- See this Feature Request for more info
  • Added technical documentation for Composer and SCCM Plugin, in the My Assets page.
  • Added support of embedded links to YouTube videos. -- See this Feature Request for more info
  • Added support of Unicode emojis, in anticipation of Jamf One (iOS app) launch. -- See this Feature Request for more info
  • Added the ability to search Support Cases. -- See this Feature Request for more info -- Admittedly, we did manage to break this feature in our release on April 18th. We expect this to be fixed the week of April 30th. Issue corrected May 2nd, 2018.
  • Moved metadata on Extension Attribute and Scripts to the top of each EA and Script page. We also added the upload date and time to the display of EA’s and Scripts in search results. -- See this Feature Request for more info
  • Added the Healthcare Listener to the My Assets page for users and organizations that are actively using the HCL.
  • Added Renewal Date to the Organizational Training Pass information in the My Assets page for users and organizations that have an active OTP.
  • Search! -- We made a variety of updates to the underlying search technology. This is intended to be an ongoing effort to improve the search experience on Jamf Nation. Below are the specific changes that have already been delivered. I know that there are many Feature Requests to add more filters and granularity to the search interface. It's our hope that we can improve the technology and algorithm to be more intuitive without adding filters that require users to do more clicking. Please give us your feedback as you (hopefully) notice improvements. --- Updated our version of Elasticsearch --- Defined synonyms unique to our industry and business. Example: When you search the term “Casper,” we also show you search results for “Capser” and “Jamf Pro.” --- Rewrote the existing search interface on www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/search --- Better matching support of foreign language content, especially for non-European languages

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This communication is much appreciated! Thanks for all the hard work to implement them. Look forward to more improvements to Jamf Nation.


Thanks for this!!!
Appreciate having easy access to the HCL!

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