Whats the minimum License count can be purchased for Jamf Pro?

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We are looking to buy just a few licenses to try JAMF Pro.
At the present time we just need 4 licenses.
What is the SKU number to use in this case?


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You might want to contact Jamf Support.

I suspect that if its just for 4 Macs (licenses) or 4 iOS devices, then you are probably better off looking at something else. Because the required Jump Start you will need to pay for will probably be a lot more than the licensing you will pay for.

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Is the 4 licenses all you would expect to need, or is the 4 licenses supposed to be for testing purposes and you would buy more if you decide to use it? If it's the latter, contact them as @bpavlov mentioned. They may/should be able to get you a time limited trial version to test with, which is free, but will expire in about 30 days or so.

If you really only need 4 licenses, I would really look at something else for your management needs. As mentioned, there is no getting around the JumpStart cost for this, even if just for 4-5 licenses. You really won't be getting your money's worth in that case. Jamf Pro is really intended for larger installations.

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Would JAMF Now work.