When does Self Service get installed?

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Hi there,

after Imaging a computer after the first boot - when does the Self Service get installed?
Directly after booting it is not installed. We tried
sudo jamf manage
sudo jamf policy -trigger every15
sudo jamf recon

with no success - it does not get installed. After some time it magically appears. So - what task takes care that it gets installed?


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Hey Johannes, how's it goin?
I guess you have enabled the "Automatically install Self Service on all enrolled computers" option in the Computer Management Framework Settings?
I believe the automatic installation of Self Service is part of the "enforce management framework" process,
which is taken care of by the JAMF binary. So it should be installed as soon as the machine talks to the JSS.
Have you checked jamf.log for clues?

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Hi chris,
of course - the setting "Automatically install..." is enabled. If we enroll the device via quickadd its working fine. After some further testing we believe it is a specific issue with 13" Retina MBP - but not confirmed yet.
Again - on if imaging we see this issue and i was wondering what command would usually be responsible to install Self Service. I believe it is "jamf manage" or every time the client talks back to the JSS and checks in


the value of

<key>last_management_framework_change_id</key> <string>6896</string>

and does realise that there is a change, so it need to update its management framework.

There where no entrys in jamf.log

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ok - i think we found something. It seems we have a problem that the computer does not get managed.
This way the Self Service App can not get installed.

Unfortunately that does not happen on all Machines. So we have to further investigate.

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Ok - so, what it came down to:

Self Service gets installed with the Management-Framework - as expected. The issue only happens if:
- you create an empty computer record in the JSS
- you apply Autorun Data (thats the key point)
- you image the computer

After this the computer shows up as "not managed" which causes that the jamf-binary does not know what user-credentials to use in order to install the Self Service. If you then manually add the Management-Account Credentials the management framework will apply and the SelfService appears.

JAMF Support is aware - we have send a Report.

PS: JSS 8.62, OS X 10.8.x


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Does anyone knows how "last_management_framework_change_id" is populated, or what makes it to increment in the plist file? The value does not seem to be a real timestamp, but it increments nevertheless from itself over the time.

Reason I ask, is because I want to know exactly when jamf client will take the decision to download a newer SelfService version, based on "last_management_framework_change_id" key.

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@Olivier just found out last_management_framework_change_id value goes up one notch each time a change is made to the Management Framework. When client checks in to JSS, if that value is off, the client will re-enforce Management Framework, which should result in the number being corrected.

Not even going to try to explain what condition can cause that number to be off, the discussion was quite a deep dive. Good to know though, that the value has to be what JSS expects it to be, or if should update. If not, would open a ticket with JAMF.