When to apply Configuration Profiles and Policies

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I'm working on getting my companies Jamf instance onto Jamf Connect so we can move to zero-touch provisioning (I currently spend much of my week setting up devices which is silly). As a part of this, I'm messing around with PreStage Enrollments to get a better understanding of how those work. I noticed the PreStage has a payload for Configuration Profiles and Packages, but in our own current PreStage, as well as any examples I've seen, there are never any Configuration Profiles included. Why might this be?

Right now we have all of our configuration profiles set to configure after enrollment (which is when Setup Assistant completes?). Is this the best way to do that? Why would the PreStage Enrollment have a Configuration Profiles section if none are typically used. Or should that be filled with profiles all devices will get?


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We add a few to our restate payload that deal with our WiFi network payload (auto join, security settings, directory authentication) these are required before setup.

For all others, we more or less install at enrollment.

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'prestage' payload.. :-)


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My recommendation is to use only the configuration profiles you need for enrollment in your pre-stage. Stuff like the jamf connect JSON config profile and wifi. 


Let everything not needed for the presage happen after.