Wi-Fi Password now visible on iPads How do I stop that?

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So, now the new iPadOS has the ability to view the wi-fi passwords on the students iPad. This is not a desirable feature for us. Is there a way to block the students from viewing the password? 




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In my testing, I am not able to view passwords when pushed out via a configuration profile - I am only able to view passwords for wireless networks where the password was typed in on the device itself.

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We have the same problem. We urgently need an update to be able to deactivate the setting

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You have to push the wifi details out via a configuration profile.

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iOS/iPadOS 16 added the method to see passwords. Originally in the first 2 betas, it would allow users to show username/password of Configuration Profiles. Fortunately we were able to get Apple to block the view for Configuration Profiles only. There is no mdm setting to block all viewing of the passwords. If that's needed, you'll need to open a ticket with Apple and see if they will release it in a future version.

But if your network settings are pushed via profile, they can't be viewed by users. If you've manually set the password, then users can see them. That's just how Apple designed it.