Wifi reconnection issue

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Currently I have a configuration profile set up for users to log into the wifi based on AD credentials. Everything works like a charm, and they connect no problem. My problem arises when the macbook has been asleep for a while, then the wifi icon in the top acts like its trying to connect to the wifi.

It doesn't connect unless I go to system preferences > network, then click on Wi-Fi and hit connect, then it connects right back up.

Is there any way around this to have it just automatically reconnect instead of having to go through the above mentioned steps?


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This is a known issue with Mavericks and Yosemite and 802.1x configuration profiles. Rejoining after sleep is very inconsistent and can sometimes get stuck in a loop.

We are currently working on this with Apple, but I am aware they themselves are investigating and trying to implement a solution in the next few OS updates. Probably good to log an AppleCare support case to put more pressure on.

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Yes, quite a mess. We have a case with Apple as well. Not a good place to be as this (and general past/present state of Yosemite) will likely affect Mac purchases at our institution in a significant way moving forward.

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@mtaylor934 @CGundersen Thanks for the replies. I was getting worried there was something else messed up. I'll take note and follow up with an applecare support case as suggested. Hopefully they can get this resolved in a timely manner!

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Have any of you tried this?


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@karlmikaeloskar Thanks for the post. Yes, I have given that a spin ... makes no difference for our environment unfortunately. Apple seems to be owning the issue, but "software is hard" and such ...

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We have the same issue, except I have narrowed it down a bit further (at least in our environment).
I can consistently replicate the issue by doing the following.
Sign in over WiFi
Sleep machine
Move to a location where a different Access Point is broadcasting the same SSID
Wake machine

From that point on until you logout again the machine will be broken and unable to connect to the WiFi.
Generally if it tends to find the same access point as it originally used it doesn't have any issues.
The problem would appear to be that the login window transmits authentication data, the unlock window does not.

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when i do a DFU wipe the device the wifi won't drop, once i do a a device wipe in my jss the wifi drops and have to check manual on my wifi selection and some don't even see our wifi options.?