Wifi Usernames vs 3rd party filtering to track usage

New Contributor

We are a K-12 school, iPads mainly used by younger students.

On laptops/desktops, each student signs in with a username/password. This goes through a 3rd party filter (Content Keeper) to track internet activity.

Since the shared iPads are all using a shared/generic username connecting to the WiFi. we are unable to tell who is connected and what they are looking up.

I could give each iPad a specific username to connect to WiFi, but that will only tell me what iPad connected, not the user.

We've migrated to ASM and use JAMF.

Can Apple Classroom allow per user logins, that will ask for sign in and thus allow user tracking?
Is it possible for JAMF to do this in some form?
Or do we need to look at how these devices are being used and reconsider our approach?