Will JAMF be on my home account if I only use internet on my work account on my macbook?

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Hi, I was just wondering whether if I only used a work account on my mac when I'm at work connected to the internet whether casper will download onto my home account even though I don't use this on the work internet.


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I'm sorry, I'm not really understanding the question here. What do you mean by "download onto my home account"? Are you talking about policies? Casper framework? Something else?

Also, I see you just joined JAMFNation today to post this. Are you an end user of a managed Mac, or a Casper administrator? I'm guessing from your post you are the former. If so, these questions might be better asked to your Casper administrator since no-one here would be able to tell you specifics of how your admin has set things up at your place of employment. Understand that I'm not trying to discourage you from asking questions here, but just setting the expectation of what any of us can help with up front, since it may be limited.


I think we might also be able to assume work = school. LOL