Windows 7 dual boot deployment not working on new MacBook Pro 12,1


Hi all,

Just a quick post to find out if anyone else has been having trouble getting a windows 7 boot image to work on Mac's at present?

We have been talking about it as a team and we believe that the issue is that because our windows 7 image was created using WinClone 4.

We think this means that the OS has MBR set as its partition table instead of GPT.

We believe that Apple has removed legacy BIOS-compatibility mode which means it can't boot this windows partition.

When we try to start to install the image it partitions the drive fine, shows the partition in disk utility but comes up with errors saying that it is unable to bless system as bootable.

To get around this we are trying to get WinClone 5 to rebuild the image hopefully with a GPT table instead.

Hope this helps and will keep you posted with updates as they come.


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The latest 13" MacBookPro / MacBook / MacBookAir do not support Windows 7 anymore:

You may only have luck with 15" MacBookPro, that run Haswell Processors, but as soon as Apple brings out an Update to Broadwell or Skylake Processors later this year, I believe that you can say BYE BYE to that too!


Hi all, after extensive searching and speaking to twocanoes they have this article which explains why you can't use an old windows image for the new apple hardware.

hope this helps!

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Glad we could help!