Windows Server 2012R2 running JAMF wishing to use DIGIcert SSL certificate.

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Browsing through the documentation. With our SSL (digicert) certificate is this a simple replacement of the keystore file? How would I go about it. Not a big Tomcat user but could migrate through when necessary to just make this change. Thanks in advance.


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Hi @bentkopj

We're running our JSS on Windows Server 2012 R2 and use a GoDaddy Wildcard for our JSS SSL.

We simply uploaded our SSL in the JSS interface and restarted Tomcat. Once uploaded, the JSS placed the SSL certificate in C:Program FilesJSSTomcat.

GoDaddy gave us the option to download an "Apache version" of our SSL through their website, I'm not sure if that made a difference.

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We had a bit of a mare when trying to import a SSL cert from a CSR and pfx created in IIS.
We used the gui at first under system settings > Apache Tomcat Settings then Edit to import the cert. all seemed fine but we had weird untrusted cert issues an MDM issues when enrolling Macs.
If you have done this and have these issues then we used this post to resolve it. and made sure I got the Apache version