Wipe iPad through API

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I am working in a hospital, looking to integrate our practice management system with Jamf. We need to Wipe the iPad remotely when the patient is discharged from the hospital programmatically via API. I have tried to look into the documentation and postman Jamf collection but I couldn't find a Wipe request for mobiledevices. 

Any idea? 


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Hey ahmnour81,

The specific URL you're going to post to is https://$yourJamfInstance/JSSResource/mobiledevicecommands/command/EraseDevice/id/$deviceID


In order for this to work, the account you're authenticating with needs to have rights to Create Mobile Devices under Jamf Pro Server Objects as well as have the box checked for Send Mobile Device Remote Wipe Command under Jamf Pro Server Actions.


You can find more information on this page - https://developer.jamf.com/jamf-pro/reference/createmobiledevicecommandurl


Good luck and be careful!