Wiping a device and unenrolling


There are lots of discussions about removing a device but many say to just delete. But, will that remove the data that I've associated with the device such as Purchasing information? I have the script to just wipe and re-install OS with just a click but that doesn't remove it from JSS. I want to retain that information but re-assign the freshly installed laptop to another user and ensure all the policies are applied. Do I delete still?


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If you delete the device, yes you will remove the Purchasing information. You want to change your re-enrollment settings. Go in to Settings -> Global Management -> Re-enrollment. At minimum you want to probably check "Clear Policy Logs" to ensure that any One-Time policies are re-run. You probably want to also check "Clear extension attributes values" if you have EAs that are populated by scripts. You can either keep or delete the user/location information.

When you re-enroll the computer, you will retain your purchasing information.



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I also have a question about this. In my scenario, when I wipe a device and it is re-enrolled into Jamf via a Prestage, the Prestage clears and changes the old purchasing information when the device is re-enrolled. Is there a way to retain both the user information and the purchasing information when a device is re-enrolled? What is best practice for this?