Wiping devices by Serial Number

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Hi Group, I am really new to Jamf so if I don't know the terminology, please forgive me. We have imported all the iPad serial numbers from Airwatch for our K-12 school. I have hand erased iPads as I went and that has gone well. They show up in Jamf as Unassigned and this has been great. However, I have iPads that don't have an option to "Erase All Content and Settings" from the General menu on the iPad. Is there an option to find by serial number and wipe those iPads? Or, is there a better way to do this for groups of iPads?


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You can search by serial number.


You do have the option of wiping iPads remotely, whether that be through AirWatch or Jamf Pro. It may very well be if the device is listed as unassigned or unmanaged, those options won't be available because as far as the MDM is concerned, it doesn't have access to the device to send those commands.

Check a couple of iOS devices in your MDM and check between them being unassigned/unmanaged or managed and see the options available to you.

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It might be easier to plug them all into a Mac with Apple Configurator and Restore them. Or use iTunes but you'll have to restore one by one.