Wireless Network Configuration Profile Help

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Good day everyone!

I am looking for some assistance in troubleshooting the configuration of a wireless network payload in Jamf. So far I have it setup as shown in the attachment. The issue I am encountering is that the systems are not passing the full user name to the Radius server. I am getting just the @domain.com and not the user@domain.com. I have tried to put in just $USERNAME and that does return the user but without the @domain.com and I have also tried $EMAIL and $EMAIL@domain.com but I still only get the user id. To access our wifi we need the full user@domain.com but everything I try just seems to get me one or the other. Has anyone else seen this or happen to know a way to correct this? Additionally, the correct trust cert is in place and I can see the handoff of credentials on the Radius server but as stated it is not what the server is looking for. Thanks for the help!8052a28e46354399af3b5d62aafe6001