Workaround for no ldap (JIM) can API help?

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Hi All

Looking for some help - assistance- moral support :)
Unlike many enterprises - we have had a hard time getting JIM integrated in our infra due to the insecure architecture of JIM--- we would of used an ldap source primarily software allocations
Instead of going yet another manual route due to security restrictions - and lack of ldap in my jamf instance- im looking to injecting this via an API.
Obviously would need to be complex- and doable in python - but not sure where to start with jamf API
To give you a mental picture
An python job running internally to fetch ldap attributes of xx macOS users (easily done)
Feed the info to the API of jamf- not sure which reference to use to populate such in a put command as its pretty customized
This is mostly for "memberof" assertion of logged in user/machine owner to be fed into an extension attribute- and use the extension attributes (complete list of ldap groups associated to user-- parsed) and use that to scope software.

Anyone doing something similar in the community without the availability of ldap but making something or fabricating something in aiding them for software allocation (licensed software, ect)

Please share your feels- thoughts- on how to go about doing this!

Thanks so much!!!!