Workaround needed for rolling out El Cap (OSX 10.11) if MDM policies and self service isn't available

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I'm not super familiar with JSS so what's the easiest way to roll out El Cap if you can't do it via self service as there are some MDM issues that are still being investigated. There is a current El Cap download exclusion list, would disabling that help at all?


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Hi @ITguy ,

What version in particular of El Cap are you looking at deploying? Latest?(10.11.4)

How was the download exclusion put in place?

How many machines are we talking? Are you onsite with them?

How do you, if you do, deploy/ manage software updates?

Can you deploy JSS policies at all? e.g. deploy a script?

Sorry for all the questions, just helps to choose the solution that best fits. :)


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